Circulair Flight

A story about the life of a circulair process.

Creating meaning to life. Having a start and an end without perspective is pointless. Becoming circulair. To become circulair it is important to find the origin, the starting point. It all starts with and idea, a grain of material or a conversation. Using singular grains of material provides the most creative freedom but without an idea, the individual grains will not come together. It will take too much time and therefor needs to be sped up.Speed is important for evolution, growth and results. Could you reuse groups of material which have found a way to come together

Groups which need to be combined to create value. Reusing them would make them circulair. Would give them new meaning and give perspective. Circulating material in a fast way could be the solution. Creating a flow.
With accelaration and circularity we create a circulair flight of creating meaning.

Inspired by my composition:


A story about wehere the light meets darkness in nature.

It is a warm summer night and we are laying under a beach tree. Suddenly, our lantern goes out, and we see a swarm of fireflies appear. They fill the
darkness with their light and surround us with calm. We lay in the soft grass and gaze up into the sky and around us, surrounded by the calming light of nature.The first time I remember seeing fireflies was when my parents took us on a picnic. There was nothing better than laying under the starswith fireflies dancing around us.

The more you look around the more you get the feeling that they arrange into patterns, reminding of us the past but also the present and telling us to focus more on the things around us.

Inspired by my composition: Stress


Form study of a square and triangle over a distorted background.

Shapes are another basic element in graphic design. They pertain to the figures and forms that are geometric, organic or abstract making up all the other elements in design. Geometric shapes like squares, triangles and circles have certain meanings that define the graphic design. Circles represent eternity because they have no beginning or end. They likewise represent free movement, but are also widely used to protect and restrict. Squares and rectangles mean stability, honesty, security and equality, among other things.But because of their familiarity, they are not used to grab attention. triangles suggest movement, action, tension and aggression.

They mean stability when standing on their base and instability when not. The mood and message of the design may be enhanced by altering its shape in terms of form, colour and size. Shapes may be soft, curved, rounded, angled or sharp, and each conveys a different type of mood or emotion.

Inspired by my composition:


How chaos in life can be managed by giving it a place and label

Chaos is inevitable. Everyone has had some form of chaos in their lives. The loss of loved ones, the diagnosis of a certain disease, the failure to land that job after going through all the recruitment stages. It can be debilitating, demotivating and can affect our emotions and our actions. But if we understand that it is part of our lives, we will realise that it is important to move forward and not look back. See the beauty in the chaos.

Maybe that job is not meant to be for you. Be ready for the next chaos. The next ride may still be bumpy but soon, you will find the smooth ride.

Inspired by my composition:


visualization of a story about a friend

Lars is on his own. He is in his private den at the back of his house, trying to get away from the rat race he unfortunately has fallen into. Wanting to find peace he picks up one of his old Italian LP’s and turns on the music. Dressed in a black turtleneck sweater, black pants with gold rings and subtle necklace he starts to think about his latest trip to Scandinavia. Wal[1]king through the forest thinking about the female role in society and how he has contributed to it as a man. The LP is still playing his favourite music and it makes him think of one of his favourite paintings from Salvador Dali. How he paints faces and what these faces tell him. Lars is able to identify with these faces.

He tries to express his feeling through writing but the words just do not want to come out of his pen. He picks up his black & gold paintbrush and starts to paint viciously. A face emerges, a screaming face, the face of a woman. This woman has been hurt. You can feel the trauma coming right at you when you look in her eyes. Lars is happy about the result and feels relieve. He goes back to his family to have a pleasant conversation with his mother and grandmother about his ambitions for the future.

Inspired by my composition: