This assignment focuses on creating a new interactive movement inducing sculpture that will be placed in public and semi public spaces, so it will be open for general use. We will mainly be focusing on creating a playful interaction that is intended to be used by any age group, with a focus on 10-20 year olds and their parents.


Research has shown that the user values competition, a sense of competence, comprehensibility and playfullness when engaging in physical activity. This game based on the old whack-a-mole game does that. When the user comes across the board they can start by hitting any button and after that another button will light up which they have to hit as quickly as possible and then the next button will light up. After a game of around 50 seconds the user can see his/her average reaction time on the digital display as well as the weekly record that has been set by a previous player.

Real life user testing has shown that the enjoyment, engagement and comprehensibility is very high and that game works to stimulate physical activity.



Where do people have just that little bit of time off? Where are they waiting without any other entertainment besides their phone? Public transport waiting areas. The user usually waits one up to several minutes at these places. Plenty of time to play our game and get in some moderate physical activity.

That is why we decided to focus on bus stops, train stations and airports because the infrastructure to hang the board is already there. Time for the user to engage is available and all different kind of people use it on a daily basis.

Technical Drawings