This is a project commissioned as part of the Next Fashion
Retail collaborative. The assignment is to design a window
display for a sustainable SME multi-brand enterprise. We
collaborated with a boutique named Brand Mission in
Haarlem. The question which this project seeks to answer is:
How can shop window displays be used to create a dialogue
around sustainability among passive fashion customers, turn
sustainability into a point of pride, and influence consumers to actively make more sustainable purchasing choices?


The signs of our impact on the world are all around us, if
we look closely enough – rippling water, footprints in grass,
shadows on the walls. This impact can be a good thing.For
example, we have the power to make sustainable choices.
Positive, nature-inspired imagery, interactive elements
reminding the user of their power, and gentle, minimal
aesthetics to draw focus to the products on display:
these are the tenets of the Cloudulet concept.


Elements Explained

Seasonal Modularity

The shape of the shelve is inspired by trees and bushes, colored in a neutral off-white gradient so as not to detract too much from the products. To add a pop of color around the products on the shelves. There are 4 additional sets of seasonal colored inserts which can be swapped out for a new collection.


The shelves can be added and removed as needed using a simple system, as seen on the right.

Rug in Front of Store

Users associate the color green and elements which refer to nature, with sustainability. Therefor the rug is reminiscent to alush grass field, with footprints reminding the user of their own footprint on the world as they enter the store.


Inspired by the layered shelves, we created a white, laser-cut mannequin, with detachable limbs to make it easier to dress.


A novel way of grabbing a passerby’s attention, while reminding them of the importance of sustainability:
an interactive light-up cloud, which pulsates with a ripple pattern.


Reminding them of the ripples which their choices may have on the world. The form of the cloud was designed to fit with the curves of the other elements
in the concept.

Person walking to the store
Person in front of the cloud
Person has walked by the store

Technical Drawings